Meet. Solve hard problems. Everyone benefits.

What is a COE group?

A Cause-Oriented Efficiency (COE) group is a group which has come together in order to solve a complex problem(Cause)-solution relationship. The application of the COE methodology is intended to be a benefit to the general public and has application in many contexts. For instance, groups may meet to discuss a shared concern such as a government or a company. Or it could be to work with other people who share their concerns. Or, it could be they have met other COE users and want to help contribute the general benefit of everyone.

Groups of Cause-Oriented Efficiency, facilitate a better understanding of a given Cause locally or virtually without a website. The takeaways from this group allow a deeper understanding of the relevant problem-solution relationship of a given Cause and its Solutions.

What is needed to start a Group:

  1. A clear understanding of the cause
  2. A shared commitment to truth
  3. A willingness to refine the solutions over time
  4. A facilitator to lead the group
  5. Ideally, the results are published for the general public’s benefit

A Brief Overview of COE

To get a longer intro into COE, check out the podcast introduction. For a deeper understanding of how it fits within our understanding of truth, read the summary of where it fits.

Want to Get Involved?

Not only is it free to be involved, but you will also be able to help people. Contact COE to learn how.