Where COE Fits in the Truth Pursuit

Where does COE fit in the pursuit of truth? It is a tough question to answer because it relies on a mutual understanding of what is True. It also relies on a grasp of what COE is trying to do.

Let’s start with what COE is trying to accomplish. COE is a huge project aimed with the goal at helping individuals decipher complex problem-solution relationships. It does this by capturing the complex arguments for and against certain solutions. Allowing the scoring method of COE to take hold.

In a perfect implementation, the efficiency score would have enough inputs to represent all of humanity’s current attempts at understanding the “for” and “against” cases to a given problem. So the solutions would be plentiful and balanced. The end game is to allow people a place to self educate, easily. Thus, shorting the information gap the exists between the complex problem to the most efficient solution.

That is what COE does in a nutshell. However, when you consider how to weigh the cases for or against a given solution, one must wonder “in which universal context are they relevant?”

In the book I delve into some pretty well-known examples which I need not get into here. Suffice it to say the examples are well-known causes such as income inequality and human-caused climate change.

One night, while thinking through the issue of how many people see the world so differently, it became clear to me that, actually, COE already contains within its methodology, a prebuilt understanding of Truth.

If we think about how we see the world, each of us has a unique version of the universe we live in. That unique understanding of the universe will only ever be seen through our eyes, generally speaking. Even mathematics, the most objective language, takes a human to read.

Until we move beyond the need for our own consciousness, we will have to rely on what we have. Our consciousness, like many thinkers have pointed out, uses and develops its own built-in framework. This is how we all decipher Truth. Since we do not all use the same framework, that is one factor that goes into us not understanding Truth. Meaning that capital “T” Truth is really just lowercase “t” truth.

To clarify, by frameworks I am referencing our basic understanding of the world and how we interpret new and developing situations. Some people’s frameworks may be different. Such as those who understand the A Priori basics of science, those of an intelligent design believer, a religious persons belief system, or a spiritualist’s understanding of existence. These belief systems, or frameworks, we have to assume have deeper roots than a conscious effort to decipher the universe (given how little we understand our own conscious experience).

COE works like a meta-framework. That is, if there is a framework for each individual, they are all counted within this methodology. How is this possible? It is possible simply because, as the goal for humanity, we have to assume flourishing is our utmost goal. Perhaps only second to survival. Therefore, any outside truths which may exist, those which we either will ever understand or will never, can be addressed using COE as a collective understanding framework. To phrase more effectively, the methodology informs all frameworks because it can encompass all individuals. Collectively, we decipher truths together.

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