What is Cause-Oriented Efficiency

“Human progress, measured” – is one way of describing the purpose, but there are many. The goal is to simplify the complexities of what progress looks like and turn that into something digestible. The case for why that is necessary is self-evident but outlined more in my book.

The Project

The project has been started by, me, David Blane, simply because I had the idea and figured it is my duty to share that with the world if it can take us in the right direction.

Since it is a rather large and extensive undertaking, I am taking it in chunks. The first was creating the book, which I will be releasing soon. The next steps after that will depend on the reaction of the book, but I have a few ideas.

Who benefits

Hopefully everyone. The idea by itself is valuable, but everyone should benefit. In fact, if the idea works at all, everyone would benefit. Think Wikipedia.

What it means for me to be compensated for tackling it, I do not know yet. I will need help. It calls for massive amounts of volunteers, funding to build and maintain infrastructure and other operating expenses like this website. To name a few things.

How Does It Work

The inner workings will be discussed in detail in my book.

This is all I have right now. Return soon for more!