Dear friends and fellow humans,

After almost a year of work, Cause-Oriented Efficiency (COE), the book, is finally going to see the light of day (get it now).

This is an idea that takes a step towards simplifying the information about human progress by distilling it down to an easy-to-digest form.

  • Have you ever wondered what the best solution to income inequality is?
  • What about fixing human-caused climate change?
  • Or, even something as understated as curing sedentary behavior?

In my new book, I came up with a way to tackle these tough questions using a blueprinted methodology which breaks down each facet of working and non-working solutions to these problems.

If we take this to its end, not only will we increase the speed of our understanding of the progress towards these solutions, but we will be able to have a transparent view from which we can truly understand why these solutions are best.

My goal is simple; to increase the speed at which a person and society can become informed about important, life-enhancing solutions.

To this end, I hope you will join me as we progress towards it.

Thanks and I look forward to the journey.


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